mosaic HEC Montreal

5@8 MosaiC HEC Montréal

Yesterday evening a very pleasant 5@8 with Cercle HEC Montreal took place on the theme of innovative communities.

Innovative communities are increasingly seen as a unique means to foster open innovation, for organizations as well as territories.

Following an introduction from Frederic Touvard about Renault’s Innovation Community, Patrick Cohendet and Laurent Simon presented general concepts and the state of knowledge on the topic.

MONTREAL 5A7 noted 4 key points:

– create rendez-vous spaces for the community,

– elaborate common projects,

– develop new ideas and original concepts,

– create events.

Finally, students benefiting from the ETS Management Summer School scholarship on innovation & creation 2014, presented what an innovative community implies for the Montreal Quartier d’Innovation (QI).

As usual, a great amount of time was then spent on networking.

The Montreal 5A7 team.