Creating a Nonstop Speaking Boom avec Colleen Francis, CSP

10 juin 2017 de 08:30 à 15:00

How many times have you had a great month or even year, only to find that the calendar is woefully empty? In my coaching practices for speakers, this is one of the most common problems I see that that speakers face: great results followed by several periods of no or low revenue. Worst of all, this is considered by many speakers to be the « norm » and simply accept the stresses of up and down cash flow. I don’t believe this has to be the case. Why does this happen? In short, it can have a lot to do with us. Specifically, complacency, consistency and a far too narrow view of our business activities. We need to look at the entire client life cycle. In Creating a Nonstop Speaking Boom, Colleen will introduce the critical activities all speakers need to be practicing in the four critical stages of client engagement…

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Hôtel Ruby Foo’s, 7655 Décarie Boul

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