Atelier: L’importance de votre image de marque dans l’évolution de votre entreprise

25 octobre 2017 de 09:00 à 13:00

During this workshop, we explore the importance of a brand foundation in company growth. Who is it for? The Startup Leaders (all decision makers/founders must be present). We explore brand basics and dive into how you can use your brand to build stronger connections with your key stakeholders. Startup leaders are taken through an interactive brand discovery session so they can put words to their purpose and begin to build up their unique brand language. This work is the beginning of a more aligned team, more compelling marketing efforts and stronger partnerships. Participants leave the workshop with their brand foundation and a guide for developing a stronger brand as
they grow.

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Fondation Montréal inc., 1550, rue Metcalfe, 14ème étage

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